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Wednesday Bible Study Night, February 4
According to Ancient Hebrew literature there are four
beginnings to the year. The first day of the month of
Nisan (Aviv) is the beginning of the year for determining
the reign of kings and the times of the pilgrimage
festivals. The first day of Elul is the beginning of the
year for tithing livestock. The first day of Tishrei is the
beginning of the year for counting years, sabbatical
years, and jubilee years, as well as for planting and for
herbs. The fifteenth day of Shevat is the beginning of
the year for trees....On Wednesday, February 4th our
Hebrew and Bible Study class will take a break from our
regular studies and enjoy a Tu B'Shvat Seder!

Fruit trees play a very important part in the scriptures.
We can learn many spiritual lessons from them. Some
of the questions we can ask ourselves during Tu
B'Shvat are: If an apple tree produces apples, what can
I bring in the world that others can enjoy? How can I
best live a fruitful life? Am I looking to future
generations knowing that I am providing them with the
proper foundations for their lives?