Thunder Of Zion Dance Ministry

Thunder of Zion was birthed from the very heart of God for such a time as this. We minister
directly to YHWH Himself, escorting the congregation right into the Throne Room of Heaven.
Besides traditional Jewish dance, we also do lyrical, interpretive, and powerful radical dance.
We utilize a variety of tools and weapons including billows, tabrets, streamers, veils, scarves,
flags and tallits. Since our creation in the fall of 2005, we have participated in numerous
events including, the Fall Feasts, Hanukkah, Purim, the Messianic Passover Seder,Shavuot,
Call to Worship, In His Presence and a Rally for the support of Israel. We have also ministered
in area church conferences and numerous other events. To bring one of these events to your
congregation or to have Thunder of Zion to minister in dance during one of your events please
call (304) 546-5348 Pastor Cheryl Hobba
Meet the Thunder Warriors
Thunder of Zion may be contacted for any of the available events
listed on this site, as well as your own events.
Our mission is to bring God's people into a closer relationship with
YHWH. For booking information call 304-546-5348
You may e-mail us at
May the Melech Ha Melechim (King of Kings) richly bless you!
of the Bride and the Army of Yeshua
coming together as ONE in Worship
and Warfare! When TOZ ministers
chains are broken and people are able
to enter into the Presence of our Lord
thus experiencing Salvation, Healing
and Deliverance! Dance is a Powerful
ministry! TOZ ministers along side of
their Pastor bringing WORD and
WORSHIP together thus bringing a
stronger anointing of deliverance!
YHWH gave a two fold message for
Moses to deliver to Pharaoh - "Let MY
people GO that they may worship ME!"
This is the message of Thunder of
..Immediately all the doors were
opened and everyone's chains were
Acts 16:26
Dance Leader:
Kayla Smith
Stacy Hobba
Nick Hobba
Agnes Hobba
Von Horan
Tina Stephenson
Maria Childers
Latoya Holt
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Channel ODMIWV
Angel Allison
Mikayla Hobba
Cheyenne Blankenship